Vital Hearts~Vital Brains
7 Day Challenge

Can you make a positive effect on the health of your arteries in just 7 days?


What about your cholesterol levels?


Insulin Sensitivity?




It's time to find  out  with the Vital Hearts~Vital Brain 7 Day Challenge!

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Program Details

Program Cost Includes:

  • 2 private consultations with Dr. Chong 

  • 4 hour lecture teaching you the key details you need to understand the how and why of cardiovascular disease, and how to eat to improve your health and reduce your risks.

  • Vital Hearts~Vital Brain 7 day shopping list, resource and menu/recipe guide

  • 2 separate sets of lab tests to evaluate your pre and post program results. 

    • Apoliprotein B

    • hs-CRP

    • Insuling

Here is a step by step description:

  1. Sign up and schedule your pre-program meeting with Dr. Chong

  2. Get Attend the Vital Hearts~Vital Brains live online lecture with Dr. Chong 

  3. Sign up for the Vital Hearts~Vital Brains Private Facebook Group so you can share your experiences, and ask Dr. Chong any questions you have as you move through your week.

  4. Go Shopping! (We will provide you with a detailed shopping list and menu/recipe guide for your weeklong program).

  5. Start Eating!

Pre and Post Program Private Consult with Dr. Chong (discuss your health goals and blood results)

two  blood tests (LDL direct, CRP, insulin)

Guidebook and full meal plan with shopping guide (from Emily?)

Live date or start anytime with recordings