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Being a source of level-headed, logical information on controversial health topics, as well as teaching people about what it takes to be a Vital Human, is what I love to do most in my professional life. I truly feel it is a big part of why I am here. 

I created this membership plan as a canvas to paint my most sincere and time-intensive efforts on. 

If you are someone who really wants to dive into the nitty gritty of everything I have to teach and share, as well as gain access to the minds of the many amazing experts I am in contact with, this membership is for you. 

Membership Features:

  • Vital Human Monthly Webinar Series- Learn the fine details of my Vital Human Program for Health and Longevity in this monthly webinar series. Throughout the year, a new video lecture and related materials will be sent to you each month. These lectures distill down everything I have learned in my 20+ years as a dedicated naturopathic doctor and health researcher and help you comb through the mess of health information you end up with when trying instead to consult Dr. Google. 

  • Weekly Review + Q&A Sessions- Participate in a live weekly discussion (will also be recorded for later viewing) where I review some of the weeks most interesting health news, and answer your related questions.

  • Bonus Live Expert Interviews- While I consider myself a messenger, I have met a number of very legit experts whose knowledge I want to share with you! These will be interspersed with my Vital Human Webinar series and one or the other will be presented to you monthly.

  • Free Downloadable Health Guides- What's a good immune protocol? What's the best brand of...? No worries! I've got you covered.

  • Monthly Fee: $73

  • Cancel Anytime

Vital Human Membership Signup

  • 275$
    • Heart Attack Prevention Webinar
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