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Having grown up in Hawaii, I learned from an early age the importance of a healthy lifestyle and developed a deep connection to nature. It was ingrained in me.  As I matured I began to consciously recognize the importance of this approach to life if I wanted to maintain health as I aged. I also started to develop a keen interest in helping others do the same. 

This led me to studying naturopathic medicine, ultimately graduating as an ND in Portland, OR in 2000, and launching my career as a licensed physician, inspired to use natural methods in order to help my patients regain or maintain optimal health.

Over time, I saw that the conventional approach to healthcare in this country, especially cardiovascular disease, has remained stagnant in terms of any real effort to work on the causal factors underlying this massive problem that disrupts so many lives. This has continued to motivate me to keep learning and finding better and ways to help my clients thrive. 

With continued dedication to the original principles I believe so deeply in, my passion nonetheless continues to grow as I hone in on my true niche. I have since pursued and received certificate training in cardiometabolic medicine with Dr. Mark Houston and Dr. Joel Kahn at the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Advanced Cardiovascular Risk Assessment via the S.H.A.P.E. Society and with Drs. Brad Bale and Amy Doneen, and most recently in Clinical Lipidology via the European Atherosclerosis Society. I also served for 4 years as clinical consultant with Boston Heart Diagnostics Lab, and am currently contributing editor in cardiology for The Natural Medicine Journal.

More than anything else, I consider myself a 'nutrition and lifestyle oriented lipidologist' and 'cardiovascular health facilitator' much more so than a just standard doctor, naturopathic or otherwise. I do my best, in other words, to incorporate the worlds of lifestyle medicine and preventive cardiology/clinical lipidology into one amalgamation that can best suit your goals and needs, whatever they are, and however mildly or severely compromised your current state of cardiovascular health is.  

My approach at Vital Human allows me to continue doing my best to help facilitate the full degree of health you are capable of. Essentially, I am here to offer the tools, guidance, and education necessary for you to have your best possible chance at optimal cardiovascular health.

Thanks for joining in the game.

Image by Lukasz Szmigiel

There would be no wiser choice than to trust Dr. Daniel Chong to teach you about health. His knowledge, passion, and compassion are unmatched and rare, and his commitment to learning and studying to further understand how to promote health set the standard for his profession.

-Joel Kahn, MD
Cardiologist and Author of The Whole Heart 

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