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Take Control of Your Heart Health

Prevent & Combat Heart Disease Naturally While
Minimizing Drugs & Surgery

Holistic Heart Doctor Serving Clients Virtually Across the Country

There would be no wiser choice than to trust Dr. Daniel Chong to teach you about health. His knowledge, passion, and compassion are unmatched and rare, and his commitment to learning and studying to further understand how to promote health set the standard for his profession.

-Joel Kahn, MD Cardiologist

Author of The Whole Heart Solution

Concerned about your future health?

You are looking to get your cardiovascular health on track, but the internet tells you one thing, your doctor tells you another; and the conflicting information left you confused…


The thought of having a heart attack scares you, and you have resolved to do everything in your power to prevent it.


Perhaps your parents had or died of a heart attack, and you feel like you are walking the same path…


Maybe you already had a heart attack, or a procedure for a stent or bypass, and you are frightened that it will happen again. 

You have tried to stay fit and healthy, but it doesn't seem to be working; and maybe you are beginning to lose hope. 


The incessant worry is taking its toll on you, and you don't want to end up like your parents. 

Confused about how to turn things around?

Your doctor recommended certain medications, but you are unsure if they are truly helping.


To add to the confusion and fear, you are apprehensive of the negative effects of these recommended medications, and would like to avoid them if possible. 


You feel as if your normal doctor is simply prescribing medications, and not teaching you how you can turn things around. 


Medication side effects have become too much, and you had to stop taking them; and now the fear of a heart attack is always in the back of your mind. 


Perhaps you are hesitant to begin the medications, but your doctor is scaring you, and you feel like you might have to. 


Above all, you are scared of leaving your loved ones behind… 

You CAN turn things around

You CAN minimize the need for medications.


You CAN halt further build up of plaque in your arteries.


You have the power to reduce your chances of having a heart attack or stroke.


And you CAN begin to move your cardiovascular health in the right direction, so that you feel confident that you will be around for your loved ones for many years to come. 


To be able to truly enjoy your golden years... 


With peace of mind about your health and about the future! 


More Testimonials

Kelli A, Florida

I had a heart attack at 46. I felt like I didn’t have control over my own life. I found Dr Chong and he taught me how to take control. He has hours and hours of informative audio that I have access to at anytime. Dr Chong is the most patient and caring Dr that not only helped me lower my cholesterol, get off of heart burn meds, helped me with my anxiety by sending me videos, taught me what to eat and give me recipes to make it more enjoyable. He has forever changed my life.

Shaylin T, California

Fourteen months ago I walked out of my GP’s office terrified because my total cholesterol was 477. My LDL was in the 300’s. My doctor wanted to put me on statins immediately.  
Instead, I contacted a local naturopathic office and after hearing my story they recommended Dr. Chong. He ordered new blood work for not only cholesterol but also certain inflammation markers along with scans to check my artery/heart health. The result from the blood tests confirmed high cholesterol and my inflammation markers were also troubling. 
Dr Chong laid out a very simple plan that included a diet change to WFPB/no added oils, a multi vitamin and encouraged me to explore scientific nutritional education from a variety of sources. 
Four months later we redid my blood work and my numbers have dropped from a total 477 to 188. Amazing. 
I continue to meet with Dr Chong every few months to check blood work and thanks to his clear, thoughtful scientific approach I am enjoying continued cardiovascular improvement.

Siro S, Massachusetts 

Dr. Chong is one of the best doctors I have ever worked with.
First, he is a great communicator. He takes the time to answer each question you have and explain every test result, why each is important, and how each plays a major role in our health.
Second, he is super knowledgeable. He was able to correctly diagnose a skin rash over video impressing my dermatologist completely. He asked for specific blood and urine tests as well as other tests to not only get an accurate assessment of my health but to properly plan a protocol going forward.
Lastly, he does not overload you with supplements. Some naturopathic doctors will drown you with supplements and it is never ending. Dr. Chong only will recommend specifics and encourages you to obtain nutrition through food, like nature intended.
Dr. Chong is a compassionate man who is super knowledgeable and cares about the health and welfare of his patients.
If you are looking for honest answers to better your life, Dr. Chong has my highest recommendation.
My family and I are extremely grateful for him!
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