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In this 6 week program, take a deep dive into all the fine details of Dr. Chong's highly effective, research-based, F.L.O.W. Method for Heart Attack Prevention. In addition to teaching you everything he wants you to know about what truly causes cardiovascular disease, and how to successfully implement the most powerful dietary interventions for cardiovascular health ever studied into your life. The F.L.O.W. Method also integrates various, additional, evidence-based methods from all corners of Lifestyle Medicine, to help further reduce risk for heart attacks and strokes.*

This course was specifically created to teach you absolutely everything Dr. Chong would want you to know about cardiovascular disease, why it happens, and what to do about it. You will finish this program armed with a wider variety of knowledge and understanding about practical implementation of the most effective methods available to help prevent, stabilize and even reverse plaque in your arteries, lower cholesterol naturally, improve blood pressure, and as a 'side effect', also help reduce risk for dementia, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

This program combines experience from Dr. Chong's 20+ years of clinical work with the research and clinical findings of these world renowned physicians and researchers into one comprehensive approach:

  • Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

  • Mark Houston, MD

  • ​Joel Kahn, MD

  • Joel Fuhrman, MD

  • Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP
  • Brad Bale, MD

  • Matthias Rath, MD
  • Sachin Panda, PhD

  • Dan Buettner

Program Components:

Personalized, One on One Coaching Program​ Includes:

  • *Lifetime access to 12 full hours of detailed, recorded video lecture taught by Dr. Chong, accessible via the website Thinkific. (*Videos are initially distributed approximately 2 hrs per week for the 6 week program.)

  • Downloadable Resource Manual 

  • Weekly 30 minute video or phone call with Dr. Chong for each of the 6 weeks of the program so you can delve more deeply into any questions you have about what you are learning, review your health history, review lab tests, and assure your success!

  • Daily email/text support (Mon-Frid) for additional quick questions, etc.

  • Lifetime Discounts Off:

    • One on One Consultations Fees

    • Lab Testing

    • Professional Grade Supplements

  • Cost: $1800 (or $900 deposit plus 3 bi-weekly payments of $300)



"I participated in Dr. Chong's online seminar for cardiovascular disease and was very impressed by his knowledge. I look forward to using his services."

  -Steve L. ~ Vancouver, WA

"Knowing that heart attacks and strokes are the primary cause of premature death, we wanted to learn more and signed up for Dr. Chong's workshop.  Not only did we learn more, we learned how to take care of our own heart health through diet and living a healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Chong is an excellent teacher and uses research as the program's foundation. We are very excited to apply the F.L.O.W. method to our own lives and know it will lead to a healthier heart and happier life.  We highly recommend the seminar."

 -Colleen & Dick P. ~ Medford, OR  

"Dr. Chong has created an excellent program that highlights his knowledge of the causes, underlying symptoms, prevention and strategies for treatment/reversal of cardiovascular disease.....I am impressed by his high standards, excellent analysis and commitment to eliminating cardiovascular disease."

   -Sylvia E. ~ Vancouver, WA

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