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Vital Human Group Coaching Program
for Optimizing Longevity and Immunity

To some degree or another, we have all suffered during the covid era, and while there are many potential explanations, at least one thing is certain. While the health agencies and TV doctors gave instructions (effective or not) on how not to get sick, no one ever said anything about how to… 




It is well past time people gained a clearer understanding of what it means and what it takes to truly nourish and support the Health that is their right from birth, and allow it to flourish. Doing so will provide a greater level of protection and independence in the face of infections, and most other diseases, than any pharmaceutical intervention ever could, and the primary beneficiary will be you, not them.


My goal in creating the Vital Human Group Coaching Program is to teach you what I have learned in the last 22+ years of practice, are the most important areas to focus on in your day to day life for optimal health, longevity, disease resistance, and yes, improved immunity. Here are the program details:


  • 6 weekly, live, online lectures every Sunday (also recorded for later viewing)

  • 6 weekly, live Q&A sessions every Wednesday to discuss what you’re learning & implementing from the lectures (also recorded for later viewing)

  • The Vital Human Resource Manual

  • Lifetime Discounts:

    • Private consultations with Dr. Chong​

    • Lab Testing

    • Supplements

  • Program Cost: $599

  • Next start date: Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Detailed Breakdown of Each Weekly Lecture:

  1. Week One: Introduction

    • Where have we been and where are we going?

    • The Vital Human Approach: Opposites attract health

  2. Week Two:​​ Eat/Fast

    • The most proven ways to eat for vitality and longevity

    • The importance of not eating and how best to do it​​

  3. Week Three: Move/Rest

    • Why we should move and how to do it for optimal health

    • W​​hy we should rest and how we should do it for optimal health

  4. Week Four: Rhythm/Stress

    • The importance of daily rhythms for human health and vitality

    • Stress- Why you need certain types in certain amounts, and how to find the sweet spot​​

  5. Week Five: Replenish/Release

    • Nourishment goes way beyond food- How to make sure you have more of what you need

    • The many forms of 'toxicity' and how best to keep them from overwhelming your health​​

  6. Week Six: Reconnect/Disconnect

    • Learn how to reconnect with what is needed to be a Vital Human

    • Learn how best to disconnect from the parts of modern life that drain your vitality 

  7. ​Free Bonus Lectures (Recorded):

    • Monitoring Your HealthKey ways to keep tabs on your vitality

    • Super Immunity- How to optimize immune function during times of acute need 

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