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Order is Everything

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

This is the Therapeutic Hierarchy for treatment in naturopathic medicine. In every situation, whether to do with prevention or treatment, the naturopathic physician who is striving to abide by these principles, endeavors to start at the bottom and only move up the ladder if absolutely necessary.

In more dire situations, multiple steps, potentially even all of them, need to be applied at the same time, but the goal of a principle oriented naturopathic physician is still to never apply more harmful, invasive, unnatural, or forceful interventions without at least also assuring the requisite foundational support is there as well.

More often than not, when these principles are adhered to thoroughly (if the opportunity for doing so is available), much less outside force or intervention is required, as nothing leads to more profound and thorough healing than a properly supported human body. Even when drugs or surgery are used, they don’t do the healing. If/when necessary, they simply help provide a better opportunity.

Also, as you can see, nothing typically used in conventional medicine is deemed completely out of the question as some people out there might suppose is the way naturopaths think, when all they use is Wikipedia to learn about what we do.

The key when more aggressive interventions are applied is never forgetting what should be done beforehand, or at least simultaneously, in order to optimize the response.

Now compare this thorough, logical approach to what you’ve been told to do by the fancy TV doctors and, sadly, other health practitioners, friends, family, etc who for one reason or another are so affected by all of this they are reacting from a place other than the wisdom inherent in what you see here, or the wisdom underlying other traditional approaches to health and healing.

Is it any wonder we are struggling?

Is it any wonder you don’t feel more comfortable and confident?

Human bodies need a true opportunity to be healthy in order to fully unleash their capabilities. The way we live our lives, either by choice or lack of opportunity, and the knee jerk, quick-fix, fear-based way in which we create solutions to the problems we build for ourselves, or the problems built for us, will never bring about the health, vitality, and security we seek.

Until we figure this out and change our approach we are, literally, doomed.


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