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Flu season is coming...

Go out and get your shot...of health promoting activities!

Last fall, everyone was told to go out and get their flu shot. With covid in the mix they said, it could be the worst flu season ever. Unfortunately, upon review, the flu shot turned out to only be 16% effective. While this is exceptionally low, in the past 10 years, flu shot efficacy in general hasn't faired much better, surpassing 50% just once.

Are the only solutions left now to just hide in homes all fall and winter long, wash hands five times a day, and disinfect all products from the outside world? The mainstream media and health agency narrative surrounding this topic may certainly make it feel that way, while the recommended solution from scientists involved in the 16% efficacy study is simply to make better vaccines.

What's missing from this picture?


In other words, the scientific literature is actually filled with additional solutions which take advantage of an incredibly potent tool for fighting off infections, a healthy, well-nourished human body. It's difficult not to conclude, however, that the only problem here appears to be a lack of effort to alert the public, when drug company profits are not at play.

Here are some examples (click for links to the studies):

The simple fact is no one in the history of humanity has ever gotten a case of the flu because of a deficiency in flu vaccines. Human bodies are the most potent flu prevention device ever created.

But they need to be given a chance.

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