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It's time to draw the line in medicine.

The history of medicine is fraught with examples of treatments whose effects turned out to be more harmful than expected and, in some cases, even more harmful than the disease they were meant to treat. The following is a short list of examples from a more distant past:

Thankfully, we are well past the time when truly harmful medical treatments don’t pass the muster anymore…..right? Wrong. More recent examples of disastrous medical treatments include:

There are also medical practices and treatments which clearly have uses, but whose risk to benefit ratio may at the very least be in need of reassessment:

Biden’s Moonshot

In the Whitehouse’s recent press release describing President Biden’s efforts to renew and revamp the government’s Cancer Moonshot, primary emphasis was placed on the same sorts of cancer screenings I mentioned above, along with new treatments using mRNA technology similar to what was used in the yet to be proven fully safe covid vaccines. Is the bulk of the future effort towards cancer also going to do more harm than good?

The Common Denominator

In the history of medicine there have obviously been almost unimaginably huge leaps in technology which have brought us incredible treatments that undoubtedly save many lives. Yet history also clearly proves that during this time, the healthcare system in use continues to employ practices and treatments which can do more harm than good, and a look to the future doesn’t exactly provoke confidence that this approach will stop. Why does it keep happening?

I propose that the problem does not lie in the use of technology, or certainly in the motivations or efforts of the average, sincere doctor who is just trying to help. Instead, the problem lies with the entire approach itself.

We think ‘healthcare’ when we should be thinking ‘health’.

In other words, as long as we employ a system that pays little attention and makes minimal effort towards helping people optimize the health that is inherent to their bodies and minds; that is their birthright, it simply can’t work. As long as we keep looking at people as diseases waiting to happen, subsidizing products and lifestyles that speed up the process, and utilizing treatments that have nothing to do with why the problem happened in the first place, again, it simply can’t work.

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately, there is not. The healthcare system as we all know it has a terminal illness for which there is simply no treatment. The reason for this is that the system itself is the disease.

Instead it is time to embark on an entirely new way; a new system. The person is the center of this system, and their health sovereignty is the driver. This system will still make use of technological advances as needed, but employ them differently. It will still utilize available medical treatments, but with newfound sensitivity towards how and when to use them, with the focus instead being on supporting a continuous movement towards health, not a suppression of disease. Think ‘tools’, not ‘treatment’.

Start today

The best thing about this new system is that you don’t have to wait for something new to develop in order for you to begin utilizing it. The primary tool has been in use and continually perfecting itself for millions of years, and best of all, it already resides within you, and all around you. Some may need to sharpen it a bit, but it is there, looking for every opportunity to be put to proper use.

Start employing the many practices already available to you that help, and look to the future for new ways to further support and harness your power even more, but never forget it is there. All is coming and you are more ready than you realize.

Away you go……

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