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To disinfect, or not to disinfect? That is the question.

Germ theory vs Terrain theory vs Reality

The yin yang symbol is a representation of the interconnectedness of nature, where things cannot really exist without the impact of their opposites. There can be no positive without a negative, no open without closed, no light without dark, etc. It is also particularly important to note that each part has a small circle of the other color within it, clearly displaying a distinct connection between the two. As in nature, these small circles show that nothing is absolutely separate. In all things yin, there is a little yang, and vice versa.

Despite the wisdom inherent in this simple, arguably highly scientific symbol, the approach to science that has since developed in its wake often endeavors to deal in absolutes, distinctly trying to separate out what would best be left connected. An interesting example of this involves a topic that now seems as though it will remain permanently imprinted in everyone’s consciousness.


Germs or Terrain in Covid-19

Over 100 years ago, Antoine Bechamp, created controversy in the medical world when he argued germs could usually only cause sickness under certain conditions within the terrain of the body. He further postulated that germs were otherwise mostly harmless, arguing that medicine should focus more on keeping the body’s terrain resistant to germs, versus just killing them. On the other hand, as most are more familiar with, Louis Pasteur argued that no one could resist infection and subsequent disease from certain germs, so all focus should be on the avoidance and/or destruction of these germs in order to prevent and treat infections.

A brief review of the public health policies which took center stage in the last 2+ years quickly reveals who won the argument. Almost everywhere one looks will reveal one set of instructions or another meant to help avoid, hide from, disinfect, or eventually train an immune system in a highly specific, singular way, to kill a germ. On the other hand, no public messaging has sought to teach people how to shore up the innate capacities of their bodies to resist infections and maintain health. At times, the very idea has even been ridiculed. This despite the fact that multiple scientific studiesshow a myriad of ways to do just that.

While various pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions have been promoted/forced, one thing has been clear: Training and trusting a healthy human body has been little more than an afterthought in public health policy surrounding this pandemic.

Perhaps concerns and criticisms for this approach would be less warranted if it had saved more lives, or had led to a resolution of the situation. Unfortunately, however, there does not yet appear to be an end in site, and some experts say we have yet to see the worst of things, and even that the worst will be directly due to the approach taken.

In spite of all this, it is also important to note that a Bechamp-based, terrain-only approach to this pandemic may still have resulted in serious problems, especially when the health of the average American, and thus capacities of their terrain, leave much to be desired.

Respecting Germs and Remembering Terrains- A New Way Forward

A quick return to the aforementioned ideas of Yin & Yang theory can help inform a more effective approach to infectious disease. This approach re-emphasizes the importance of improving the health and thus terrain of the average human, and values the capacities of a fully functioning immune system, while still remaining respectful of the pathogenicity of some microorganisms and the efficacy of certain medical treatments, both current and forthcoming.

The Germ Terrain Duality Theory from Mister Seun Ayoade, and Dr. Chris Chlebowski’s Biological Equilibrium Theory are excellent examples of this new way of thinking that both respects and seeks to employ the best of both worlds. A deep look into and application of approaches like these will undoubtedly lead to better outcomes in both prevention and treatment of infectious disease. However, the most important aspect of all in this new way forward remains what it has always been:

The person;

More specifically, the sovereignty of the individual. The right all are born with to have bodily integrity, and to be the exclusive controllers of their own bodies and lives is a fundamental pre-requisite to employing more thoughtful approaches to illness prevention and treatment. Remembering, valuing, and emphasizing sovereignty in the health of the individual helps ensure the number one goal will always be the wellbeing of that person, not a corporation, bureaucrat, or politician.

Instead of a great reset that seeks to further diminish and de-emphasize the capacities of a well-nourished human being, the silver lining in this pandemic is actually a Great Awakening of the individual to the health sovereignty that has always been there but has never before been so important to be aware of.

Who will see it?

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